Westcoast’s Surface as a Service Offering

A simple solution for you to provide to your end users.

Surface Selection

Select the required Surface device or devices.

Green Board Laptop 1 Laptop 2 Laptop 3 Computer

Add on any required accessories

Green Board 1 Required Image 1 Green Board 2 Required Image 2 Green Board 3 Required Image 3 Green Board 4 Required Image 4 Green Board 5 Required Image 5

Choose additional products if required

Board Mobile 1 Mobile 2 Mobile 3

Utilise any of your additional services, such as configuration

Board Gear 1 Gear 2 Gear 3

Configure the perfect Surface bundle using the Westcoast Surface Calculator.

Machine 1


Submit your end user’s details. Nothing too complicated, just their company registration number and legal entity. Also let us know the % margin you want to add so we can provide the correct end user monthly pricing.

Company Registration Number Legal Entity Percentage Margin


An easy to understand monthly priced plan will be supplied that you can send directly on to your end user. Typically, we’ll send you a quote based on 24, 36 or 48 months so your end user can pick the plan that suits them. *

*subject to credit approval.


Deal Selection

Once your end user has selected their preferred payment option we’ll sort the rest. We’ll have already notified the funder of the deal so the deal so it will be ready to go.

Machine 4 Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4


The rest is easy. You just simply invoice the bank and you’ll receive the full deal payment up front as one sum. The end user then pays the bank in monthly instalments.

Machine 5 Moving Box

Why Use Westcoast’s Surface as a Service?

Here are just some reasons:

No deal is too big or too small, Westcoast can provide a service to help you get that next Surface deal.

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With notifications automatically sent to you 90 days before the end of the payment plan ends, you’ll be the first port of call when it comes to a tech refresh.

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There are a range of options that can be incorporated - from trade-in, to the end user paying nothing for 180 days.

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For more information on Surface as a Service please contact the dedicated Surface team.

surface@westcoast.co.uk www.westcoast.co.uk/suaas
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