What is ESD?

Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is the secure delivery of a product key directly to consumers and small businesses via retailers and resellers. Simply put, it’s just another way to sell FPP (Fully Packaged Product).


  • Secure digital delivery of licensed product pin, key, token, content or bits
  • Product/Key is live/usable when delivered


  • Email or Online ads drive customer demand
  • Customer can instantly download / activate software after purchase (24x7)

Benefits of ESD

  • Allows resellers to sell online and consumers to immediately download and use the product
  • No inventory carrying costs and no risk of theft
  • No time consuming stock forecasting needed. Full range available on ESD
  • Product is available for sale 24/7 online
  • Renewal tracking for Office 365
  • Opportunity to bundle with value-added services
  • Reduces product piracy

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