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We've collected some of the common questions that we get on Surface – so whether you're interested in becoming a DMP, just getting started, or wanted a quick refresh of how something works, then you'll find the answers below.

As a Surface reseller, you'll be stocking high-performing premium devices that are all about improving the user experience. Each new product release has innovated the market and created conversation starters for resellers and end-users to discuss.

As a Surface Reseller, you're eligible for promotions from Microsoft into the channel, and you can also apply for different pricing programmes, but more on these later.

With Westcoast, you'll get pre and post-sale support from our dedicated Surface Team, as well as incentives and free marketing material.

Hopefully yes, though to buy through distribution you have to be a Surface DMP (Distribution-Managed Partner). DMP requests are accepted or rejected by Microsoft following an application.

You can use the link on the menu that says ‘Become a Surface Reseller'. Once you've filled in the form, Westcoast will submit this on your behalf, and you'll hear the outcome up to approximately five days after you've submitted the application. While Westcoast try and support each of our resellers that want to be DMPs, the final decision rests with Microsoft.

Currently, Westcoast stock the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Studio. We don't sell the Surface Hub at this time.

You can get the current Surface price list by emailing surface@westcoast.co.uk.

There are three ways to buy Surface: Bid Grid, Deal Registration, and Special Pricing.

Bid Grid is an automatic tiered volume discount which activates on orders of five or more units. The more you order, the better the discount, with the discount capping once you order 250+ units.

Deal Registration is for 50+ units of Surface and is awarded to the first reseller to register an opportunity (or three resellers per opportunity for the public sector). The discount fluctuates based on multiple factors.

Special Pricing is a programme that's been made with huge orders in mind. If you've got an order of over 500 units, then this for you. Again, there's no specific guidelines to the potential discount available, but if you've got a potential big order, then you'll want to utilise this to help you win it.

That's not all – the good news is that Deal Registration can stack with either Bid Grid or Special Pricing (but not both) – so if you've got an order of over 50 units, you can benefit from two discounts.

Keep in mind, the Bid Grid discount is automatically applied and included on the price list, whereas you'll have to complete a short form to request Deal Registration or Special Pricing discounts – you can get this by emailing surface@westcoast.co.uk.

Including the standard warranty, there are five different service plans available depending on who you're selling to. Full details of what's included in each are available here.

Yes, we have a full digital pack of Surface collateral, including emails that you can send out to your customers, web banners, and more. Click here to get access to it.

Westcoast offer a large range of first and third-party accessories, ranging from mice, screen protectors, cases, and more. Speak to your Account Manager for more information or email surface@westcoast.co.uk.

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